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Wishing to be with you, where data exists.



2021.04.14 15:31


Q1. Tell me more about BaaSClopi.

A. Imagine that the current estimate to create data every day stands at t 2.5 EB (exabytes, 18 zeros.) per day which is roughly equivalent to publish 650B (bil.) books. BaasClopi is committed just one click away to store its data either on premise or public storage in a blink regardless of being skilled or not while typical period to purchase and build local server(s) took up over 1 month.

Q2. What motivates you in launching SaaS business?

B. Misjudging markets we’ve not directly faced made extra storage servers since we launched text mining business in the early stage of business. Then, we jumped into devative sales which distributes available storages to companies and finally developed modularization business at the intersection where repeated environments to build are occurred.

Q3. What are your future ambitions for your business?

C. We’re planning to enhance modern medical services based nationwide on data through machines & engines that can predict, comprehend, learn and act as successful instant expertise to hospitals and clinics in South Korea by expanding medical partships.

Q4. Any further comments?

D. Wishing to be “Catching All the Data That’s Fit to Use”.