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Digital publishing challenge - Creating functions in BaaSClopi


Web Publisher

2021.04.19 11:16


As you can see in the title, I'm a web publisher. With no back-end knowledge, I tried to implement simple membership and login functions by using BaaSClopi, an automated back-end interlocking solution.

First, I tried the conventional coding method using php so that I can see how simpler and easier BaaSClopi can be.

Wait, didn't I say I don't know how to do the backend at all? Why php all of a sudden? I've only heard about php, but didn't know how to use it, so I googled it a lot. It took me as long as two nights and three days to implement the function by creating a database and searching for sign-up and login. Before I tried it, I heard it is such a simple function – I mean to experts. However, finding code by search and implementing features without basic knowledge about the back-end was much more challenging than I thought.

My expectations for BaaSClopi were high because I knew that the existing method was difficult.

In order to use BaaSClopi, I signed up first and then created the project. I made a data table with a few clicks without the database set-up on the table-generating page. The next steps were generating an API, copying the ajax code necessary for the generated API, pasting it into the html file I published, and uploading it. Finally, all the functions were implemented successfully. Everything from registering membership to creating APIs to use BaaSClopi ended in 15 minutes.


It's quite surprising.

I thought the back-end was difficult, but the fact that it can be done easily with BaaSClopi makes me excited about what I will develop in the future.