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Participation to '21 World IT Show Seoul'


BaaSClopi manager

2021.06.01 17:11


Dear All, In our recent participation to World IT Show Seoul on 21-23 Apr. 2021, thank you all for reaching out to our venue with huge interests ahead of our official release on June 2021. Event titled “The New Normal, make IT yours!” - was held for introducing two significant data-driven era trends since a vast amount of daily data produces up to 2.5 exabytes - to be emerged or transformed.

What We Focused

As we’re focused on solving the most common digital PAINS which are taking up over a month with spending huge budgets to build data process system on their local server, we tried to present GAINS what visitors could make more worth digging into advanced and agile in designing competitive data process without allowing competitors to keep up with them.

What We Presented

By presenting our most advanced tool - ‘BaaSClopi -, we tried to make our valuable visitors visible about the innovated transformation of building/managing/processing IT resources. Most visitors could experience the most convenient way in a day via our cutting-edge Automated Back-End Content Management System (CMS) built from the ground up as a content repository that makes their private/public content accessible for display on any device without attempting any extra coding for creating API.

What Visitors Applauded

Here are what we have distilled the Top comments about BaasClopi from our visitors.

- Not required for any extra purchasing or rental server with the lowest charges

- Easy to create datatables and APIs (CRUDs) with just a click without using any SQL (database) and professional development terms (Java, Python, etc.).

- Automated traffic control and system extensions

- SaaS-oriented via cloud without installing any extra programs online without purchasing any extra S/W

- Exclusive enterprise customization on tailored cloud / architecture

What We Will Do

This event was worth elevating our soonest release prototypes to better planning and finding solutions for the foreseeable customers that technically seek for more advanced ways. Thriving to be a part of mainstream in Global IT industry, coming official release would might be presented with the best suited in everyone’s Big Data and AI initiatives in efforts to become more data-driven:

Any Pains Not Yet Shared?

Want to share more pains left? Don’t limit the opportunities of your valuable outreaches to us based on our passionate people and approachable channels. Our team would be always welcomed to hear your pains and interact unlimitedly. For the latest updates about our coming release and what's happening, please sign up to our newsletter.

Thank you again for your valuable visiting with passionate attentions and look forward to seeing you again in the nearest future.

See you soon,

BaaSClopi Team