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7 insightful polls for effects to remote work


BaaSClopi manager

2021.07.20 14:15


According to Worlds pandemic COVID, “remote works” drastically soared as company’s unavoidable routines, we’d like you to present 10 insights to allow you to understand why Cloud and SaaS might be the best suites for uncertain infra performance and optimizing productivity with lower resources.

7 insightful polls for effects to remote work since COVID

1. Remote work exploded by COVID while leaving positive workforce

52 % of remote workers responded they are happy to conduct remote work and 31% agreed that COVID has been a spark for shifting the working environment.

2. Companies are ready for employee’s remote works

66% of respondents responded their employed entities were nearly prepared to run remote work.

3. Remote work encourages productivity

It is suggested that workers from home were 40% (avg.) more productive than working in their premises.

4. Positive growth retaining for cloud spending

Soaring remote works, migration and digital formations for overall industry organizations has been forced to spend cloud and SaaS under 2%.

5. Saving operation costs has been vital benefit since shifting to remote work

77% of executives agreed that shifting to remote work led to saving operation costs.

6. Cursory IT infrastructures are some of big pains to managing effective remote works.

54% of HR leaders suggested that cursory infrastructures would hinder employee’s remote productivities.

7. Gen. Z will lead demanding more remote work opportunities foreseeably.

Based on Gen. Z’s entering the workforce by 2030, the demand for remote work will increase.

To learn more about building up organization remote work, please contact with BaasClopi team

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