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Participating in 21’ K-ICT WEEK in BUSAN


BaaSClopi manager

2021.09.07 11:54


Dear All,

In our recent participation to 21 K-ICT WEEK in BUSAN on 1-3 Sep. 2021, thank you all for reaching out to our exhibited venue with passions ahead.

Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea's second-most populous city after Seoul, hold '2021 K-ICT WEEK in BUSAN', the region's largest expo where artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and information and communication technology (ICT) are simultaneously held at BEXCO for three days from September 1st.


Under National IT Exhibition Support Program hosted by Ministry of Science and ICT and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, we were selected to showcase our automated codeless services - BaaSClopi - and REMS (Remote Environment Management System) for construction sector as one of our proudly applied ICT services to citizens, overseas buyers and investors.

Despite the COVID-19 situation, 224 participating companies and 422 booths were exhibited, the largest ever. For us, this events were resulting in sales contracts awarded, solution export leads via zoom from mostly Asian foreign buyers in China, Japan, and Malaysia. Moreover, both party’s general agreement reached about ▲ promoting both party’s business to accelerating digital transformation and convergence of ICT technologies, ▲ cooperating research & development ▲ trading both s/w packages and creating compatible APIs to make use of both solutions for creating an integrated synergy effect at where linkage and convergence between ICT technologies are needed.


Regret to miss out trade meeting opportunities with us? We are still eagerly looking forward hearing the opportunities of your valuable outreaches to us with our passionate team and approachable channels. For the latest updates about our coming release and what's happening, please sign up to our newsletter or contact with BaaSClopi Team.

BaaSClopi Team